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As you have realised *INSERT NAME HERE*, anything you could possibly say on our public forum is an utter waste of your own time and will only serve to add to the enjoyment gained from watching you "whinge". I put "whinge" in inverted commas because to members of CZR, that is all it is. You may feel some injustice and perhaps you have a case, but let me explain to you why no one will care...

ClanCZR do NOT care about reputation and do not care about being "leet" or "cool" or whatever you want to claim being good at Counterstrike is. ClanCZR have been around for nearly 10 years since the days when Counterstrike was still in beta and in that time we have played in many leagues including the original ECSL and JCSL and even beat the PCZone staff and been published for it. It may not look like it from the outside, but we have over 50 current members that most of which used to play CS virtually every night in the old days. Now we only keep the server so that 5-6 members can go back to play when they feel like it. When our members play CS they play for FUN! That is the only reason... As soon as someone comes along and starts sprouting how "lame" this is or how our reputation is this or that, we just look at them as pathetic "noobs" because we dont care anymore. Arguing that our "skills" wont increase is totally pointless... we've done it, seen it, got the t-shirt and dont care anymore.

So, why dont we care? Well because we have outgrown it. These people you're in "discussion" with on this forum are all mid to late 30's and quite a few of our members are 40-50 years old and range from business professionals to artists to teachers to commanding officers in the military. To us, Counterstrike is now just a computer game. A computer game that, at the end of the day is absolutely pointless and to all those out there that have not realised this then they will when they grow up (I'm assuming you're under 20 - I apologise if not). ClanCZR exists now as a closed community of friends that dont give a damn about the outside world and especially the "leet" Counterstrike community. We keep our server mostly for nostalgia sake and the ability to gather together once in a while to witness how aging and alcohol has dulled our once agile reflexes.

When you were banned from our server *IT WAS BECAUSE THE GENERAL CONCENSOUS WAS THAT YOU ARE A CHEAT*. In the old days there might have been an admin discussion about your performance before banning you, but we've seen so many players come and go and our enjoyment is so paramount that we dont have time to moderate and interrupt our own fun. At the end of the day, in another 10 years from now you'll be just another unfortunate insect carcass on the windscreen of the 18 wheeler monster truck that is ClanCZR... Move on, life is too short.

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